Founder’s Welcome

Dear Friends:

You may not recognize our organizational name, but I think it will become familiar quickly—we’ve started the National Diversity Council’s newest initiative, the Glass Ceiling Commission.

I am pleased to share our launch with you, and as Founder & CEO I would like to say “welcome” to our website. Organizations have participated in diversity education and training for over half a century. Today, companies are beginning to build the business case for diversity, as many organizations understand the dynamics of how having a diverse workforce can increase productivity and generate revenue. Although businesses are beginning to make strides towards diversity, we are just beginning to begin to close gaps in disparity.

Since 1994, organizations that excel at the hiring and advancement of women and minorities into senior management jobs experience better performance over time than those which are not effective in managing diversity.

In my years as a leader, I have witnessed first-hand the challenges women face in the workplace and more specifically, in corporate America. This is an exciting time for women in America, with endless possibilities for achievement. The Commission is a nonpartisan Board composed of notable and experienced professionals who provide unbiased reflection on the trends in our nation’s various companies and marketplaces. Using the expertise of these professionals, we determine and measure the degree to which women and people of color are utilized in an organization.

Working closely with the National Women’s Council, an organization committed to making a significant impact on the social advancement of women by promoting economic empowerment, international women’s rights, political equality, workplace equality, and women’s health; the GCC is committed to determining efficacy and adherence to fair hiring and career development practices, with the goal of breaking through the Glass Ceiling and forming more equal workplaces where all employees are valued.

As you journey through this site, I encourage you to take time to look at the statistics of women in America and women entrepreneurs. This is a ripe time for change to be made, experienced, and embraced, for as our tagline proudly proclaims, we are breaking barriers and raising expectations.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Dennis Kennedy

National Diversity Council

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